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Klinik Wijaya is the leading private institution for post-stroke rehabilitation in Jakarta. Located in the South of Jakarta, we provide each patient with supportive and personalised rehabilitation program to regain independence and improve quality of life after a stroke.

Founded in 2000, we have more than 15 years experience in post-stroke rehabilitation. In Klinik Wijaya we offer more than just a rehabilitation program. We understands that post-stroke patient need not only recovery from disabilities and limitation but an adaptation to a new way of life.

Our staff ensure that each patient is not only getting the best possible care but join a family that gives support, hope and motivation to achieve the best chance of recovery.

Starting in 2013, we also improved our service by adding a state of the art robotic technology to induce faster stroke recovery. The Lokomat Pro® for assisted walking and Armeo® for assisted arm movement has helped many patients reach a better outcome.

We guarantee to give you or your family the best possible rehabilitation program in a friendly and comfortable environment.